Farm Life

We’re a month into living the rural life in Kentucky. We spent the last quarter of 2023 prepping our little brown house in Virginia for sale. We finally closed its sale in Virginia on a Wednesday in late January as we drove through rain and wind on our way to close on on our new home purchase the next day.

We love it so far. We’re settling in. The surprises have been manageable. I’m looking forward to a long and happy time here.

Weekly Affirmations

About 18 months ago, after discussing issues surrounding my libido, poor sleep, and otherwise generally not feeling like myself, my doctor ordered a blood test and eventually prescribed weekly testosterone injections to make up for the hormone my body was lacking.

I’m not sure what the difference between me and a transperson is when it comes to taking hormones.

This sounds a lot like gender affirming care to me.


Three years ago we chanted defund the police because of the systemic corruption and classist racism that continues to ruin and kill people of color in our country for no reason other than the color of their skin and not because a tyrant king was throwing a temper tantrum.

Indict This.

As if the guy who’s personal lawyer went to jail, and who’s CFO went to jail, and who’s campaign manager–and deputy campaign manager, both–went to jail… and never mind the six or so advisers, fundraisers, and strategists of his who also went to jail…

Yeah, he’s the only innocent one.

I can’t wait till he gets grabbed by the pussy.

Shenandoah Easy Hikes

  • Little Calf Mountain – MP 99.5 – 1.7 mi OAB
  • Blackrock Summit – MP 84.4 – 1.8 Mi
  • Loft Mountain Loop – MP 79.5 – 2.1 mi loop
  • Pocosin Trail – MP 59.5 – 2.5 mi OAB
  • Limberlost Trail – MP 43 – 1.3 mi loop
  • Millers Head Trail – MP 42.5 – 1.5 mi OAB
  • Little Stony Man Cliffs – MP 39.1
  • Thompson Hollow Trail – Outside the Park
  • Snead Farm Loop – MP 5.1
  • Fox Hollow Trail – MP 4.6